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The Tower Difference

Client Success Stories

Attention to Detail

We recovered $1.4 million in revenue for a practice by identifying an under-payment trend that went unnoticed by their previous billing company and correcting the under-paid claims.

Persistent AR Collections Efforts

We’ve collected over $550,000 (and counting) for a client from their Accounts Receivable over 180 days old. Before finding us, that our client was prepared to sell their AR to a collections agency for less than 10% of that amount.

Transparent and Patient-Friendly Billing

When we met one of our clients, they were in crisis. Their previous billing vendor had sent out a torrent of erroneous statements and aggressively worded collections notices to patients. We helped the practice mend relationships with patients and referral sources by instituting fair and transparent billing practices. We trained the practice’s staff on how to communicate the new policy to patients and reached out to both patients and referral sources alike to help repair the relationship.

Regulatory Support

One of our clients had been ignoring the reporting requirements for PQRS (now called MIPS) before we took on their billing and consequently they suffered a 2% reduction in Medicare payments for several years. We implemented a simple step-by-step system for their practice to meet Medicare’s guidelines that not only reversed the payment penalty but earned them a payment BONUS.

Process Improvement

We helped a practice implement a reliable inventory management system to ensure that their implants, biologics, and surgical supplies are accounted for at all times. This alleviated one the biggest on-going headaches that their staff faced and allowed them more time to focus on their ultimate goal: helping patients.


This is just a small sample of what we’ve done for our clients. For more information and to find out how we can help your practice succeed, get in touch.